Monday, October 28, 2013

Professional Game

So I was doing for research for 2 weeks because I wanted to know how to create a game that I saw as really well done.

I did my research and found that people use frameworks to make their games.

I mean actual frameworks.  The ones you pay for.  Along with that they're not the ones we use that you can just simply click and drag onto screen and go through settings to let the game maker know what to do with the objects.  These frameworks have to be coded in, and told what to do.  You have to code what objects get collided and their animations with sprites.

So I looked for a free one called Starling.  Starling is a free open 2d game framework (angry birds uses starling).  Starling was created primarily for the use of touch screen devices.  Meaning that the only way to play their games are to touch the screen (like angry bird). Of course to create a game that looks like angry birds, requires that you use some sort of builder. So I use adobe flash professional (the video tells you to use it as well).  For animation I have used tweenlite (video opened my eyes to the wonderful world of using other programs).  It seems that game programs use other programs to build there games.

The game I have for the video is not my own.  Its a game called Hungry Hero, its a free online game.  The guy who created it, created it for the purpose of teaching people how to use starling. He provides everything to make the game, all he does is teach you how to put it together and things like collision and particles in starling.  The video expects that you know how to use actionscript (which I do not).

Even though he teaches well, I feel that learning this requires that I really understand how each thing relates to each other.

So I am going to finish the "build his game" tutorial. After creating my game, i will attempt to create my game.

So here is the prototype for what I hope my game could be.
All i did was animate the welcome screen.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Game Title: I Hate My Life

I Hate My Life is an online 2D adventure platform game, about a boy and a girl.  After surviving an incident that both characters had foreseen, the world is out to get their lives (after all, the plan the universe had for them was avoided).  To stop the world from killing them, you must take control of them and use their power and gifts to reach a lost temple that could possibly save them from their situation.  You will be challenged to the point where you might throw your computer into the wall.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Week 5

This week has been an exciting week.  Today I have been told that I have been accepted to the broadband accelerator program in Hawaii to be taught by 3 professionals in the video making field on a broad range of topics related to the field.  Out of the 3 day program, out of 8 participants (who range from people who are already doing things in the field; meaning I'm the only one under 35 in the program) only 2 get to go to L.A. to work with other professionals for a week.  On top of that I also got a JavaScript framework from adobe so can't wait to test it out.

I would also like that my experience creating an avatar that moves was pleasant. The only problem I faced was getting my avatar to stop moving its arms and legs when I let go of the keyboard.  Other than that, it works fine.  Can't wait to apply this knowledge to a 2d object.

Here is the assignment for week 5:

The title to the game is "I Hate Life".  The story revolves around a boy and girl (you get to pick your character inside the game, sort of swap them out when needed).  It takes place in modern society, New York City.  The game starts off with the 2 "strangers" just walking along, and a car rams into a truck that that rows into a street lamp that kills both characters.  Then everything reverses back to the 2 strangers walking, we find out its a vision given to both the girl and boy, who use their new knowledge to stand still and let the other people die from the accident.  They make a reference to final destination and how they should stick together.  The story explains their journey from survival to trying to reset their death clock(the reason the world is trying to kill them from mishaps unexpected).  You have unlimited lives.  The reason for having unlimited lives is that when you die, you restart from a save point with the character saying "I had a vision".  This is to create the feel that the characters have visions that save them from the mishaps (meaning that in reality, the game is beat because the characters have not died in the game world).  Each character has certain bonuses that require you to use them for certain situations.  The boy can jump higher, the girl can run faster.  Each character has a special power.  The boy can create a force field, the girl can go through objects.  The powers help them on their journey, but will have limitations to make sure that the aren't overused to beat the game. The game will be in 2d.

My game idea about god/world trying to kill you, is a game that tries to invokes hatred into the user.  The user should be upset that at every turn or corner the game is purposely trying to kill the main character.  The most compelling thing about this game is that it is almost impossible (difficult and annoying) to beat, but that the user is so drawn into beating the game that they take all the time available to them to try and beat it.  The experience will be cruel, as the game is purposely set up so you lose.  One thing I want the user to feel is that there is no hope in winning.  Only those who hunger for the win will earn it. The player should take a sort of accomplishment that goes with being one of few people that could beat such a game.  This game is unique because the character player is set up to lose, where as other games are set up so the playable character is set up to succeed.  The only control the player will have is over the main character.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment on the bottom and I'll probably won't respond until the next time I look at my blogger (1-3 days).