Monday, November 18, 2013

Multiplayer Game

The game I have created so far is a single player game.  I could however see my game as a multiplayer by allowing another character in the game.  The game would have to flying heroes.  They both start with the same amount of lives and start their scores at zero.  The point of the competition is who can get the most amount of points, while both trying to avoid collision with the objects.

Since I'm using actionscript (main part of the language), I would need at least two scripts.  One would handle the server script while the other three handles the client (the game code basically).

I would also need a server to hold the server script (probably use whirl or something similar).

All I would need to record for the server is the scores of the players, the lives of both players, and location on the x,y grid of both players.  With the player location I can relay to the players where their opponent is (in a soft transparent so it doesn't obstruct their view) and allow them to see how they are doing.

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