Monday, October 28, 2013

Professional Game

So I was doing for research for 2 weeks because I wanted to know how to create a game that I saw as really well done.

I did my research and found that people use frameworks to make their games.

I mean actual frameworks.  The ones you pay for.  Along with that they're not the ones we use that you can just simply click and drag onto screen and go through settings to let the game maker know what to do with the objects.  These frameworks have to be coded in, and told what to do.  You have to code what objects get collided and their animations with sprites.

So I looked for a free one called Starling.  Starling is a free open 2d game framework (angry birds uses starling).  Starling was created primarily for the use of touch screen devices.  Meaning that the only way to play their games are to touch the screen (like angry bird). Of course to create a game that looks like angry birds, requires that you use some sort of builder. So I use adobe flash professional (the video tells you to use it as well).  For animation I have used tweenlite (video opened my eyes to the wonderful world of using other programs).  It seems that game programs use other programs to build there games.

The game I have for the video is not my own.  Its a game called Hungry Hero, its a free online game.  The guy who created it, created it for the purpose of teaching people how to use starling. He provides everything to make the game, all he does is teach you how to put it together and things like collision and particles in starling.  The video expects that you know how to use actionscript (which I do not).

Even though he teaches well, I feel that learning this requires that I really understand how each thing relates to each other.

So I am going to finish the "build his game" tutorial. After creating my game, i will attempt to create my game.

So here is the prototype for what I hope my game could be.
All i did was animate the welcome screen.

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